Concorso Internazionale di Arpa in Ungheria - Szeged

L'Accademia Musicale Amadeus ha partecipato con 3 allieve della Prof.ssa Simona Marchesi nella categoria fino ai 14 anni compiuti:

Miriam Pipitone (8 anni), Angelica Gavinelli (9 anni) e Silvia Capè (10 anni).

Eccezionale il risultato di tutte le allieve considerando la partecipazione in una categoria fino ai 14 anni.

Silvia Capè ha vinto il 2° premio

Premio speciale ad Angelica Gavinelli

Premio speciale a Miriam Pipitone


Dear Contestants, Teachers, Parents!

Here are the results of U14. The level was extremely high as well as very diverse - it was hard to compare so different competitors playing Grandjany and Spohr in the same age category. The jury had a very-very hard job and really did their very best.
The prizes will be handed at the Gala Concert at the University of Szeged (Szeged 6720, Dugonics tér 13.)

Congratulations to all the contestants and their teachers: you did amazing job! We hope all of you will continue to develop and wish you further happy and successful musical future!

Under 14 RESULTS

1.      First Prize: Maja Patkós (Hungary),  Leto Krizanic Zorz (Slovenia)

2.      Second Prize: Arina Panova (Russia), Julia Dietrich (Germany), Silvia Capé (Italy)

3.      Third Prize: Mariann Patkós (Hungary), Janice Hur (Republic of Korea), Bianka Szauer (Hungary)

Special Prizes by Kiraly-Konig Peter Music School:

·         Álmos Tallós (Hungary)

·         Alina Liubimova (Russia)

·         Angelica Gavinelli (Italy)

·         Oleksandra Akhrimenko (Ukraine)

Special Prize of Szeged City: Varvara Bovina (Russia)

Special Prize of Hungarian Harp Duo: Yuet Kan (Hong-Kong/China)

Special Prize by the House of Glass: Giedra Julija Tutkute (Lithuania)